Ray Guillermo

(AKA ArRay of Words)


Wisdom is Hunter, Like David to Goliath, and sling shots from youth hand shots Dave rock shocks Goliath to go Leith down on the ground permanently, like permanent marker, his body markers the sand because the youth hands – slung shock rocks to impair the vision of the giant man – unable to stand, HIS story reads: unable to breathe, forehead bleeds, and history reads, the wisdom of youth – relying on Wisdom known – of simplicity truth, can take down any giant (Corporate or Group)…so take heed, inform yourself, and read, meditate and educate, pass it on and teach, aspire to inspire – Hunt down and seek Wisdom, then allow Wisdom to manifest from your minds – to hunt down other minds – bleed them, then feed them – Wisdom; for Wisdom is Hunter !!!


Wisdom is Hunter; that seeks out subjects to subject, subjects, subjecting them to instructional subjects made to inspire, teach & transform! Wisdom takes form: Empowers powers & showers the Kinds of Minds from the storm. Wisdom makes voice, thru Caught knowledge of choice. Catching exact choice subjects. Wisdom is a Hunter!


Make certain when U pick & choose your subjects in school; choose wisely. Thru this Wisdom will grow, because to me –


Wisdom is a Hunter, Manifesting from my mind – Like a female Lion, not of lying but of Lions’ Feline. Feel lines etched on scrolls, over hills that roll, extol our God, thru souls, not sold, like Ancient of Days, Days of Old, thru seasons of warmth and seasons of cold; what’s told, be bold my mind manifests; Wisdom is a Hunter


Wisdom is a Hunter; it sits still in the trees of family trees / without treason, its reasons, to stay quiet and still / but still quiets the ill, when ill minds, find Wisdom waiting for them. Then wisdom is spilled upon targets acquired; ill minds soon retire, as wisdom fills minds, and wisdom is squired. Wisdom is Hunter!


Wisdom is a Hunter, it seeks out the prey, to prey on the weak, to pray for the weak, to pray for the weeks to pass on the wisdom; from knowledge it speaks, from knowledge it seeks: to make the weak minds strong; Wisdom is a Hunter.


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