Ikenna Onyegbula

Art Applied Alphabetically



brother came down


embracing, from glorious Heaven-
issuing joyous knowledge;
leading many novices onwards.
People quickly repented sins.
Tempting, unrighteous vices were x’d,
yielding zealously…


Yet, xenophobes would vouch,
that Satan rendered questionable powers
of no moral, lawful, Kingly justification.
Ironically, Heaven’s glorious form embraces.
Down came brother… aspiring…


… and applying art apprehensively,


blazing beauty blatantly,


censoring certain channels, certainly-


disposition deadly.
Evidently evade ends,


flight, fleeing foolish friends,


glorious genius, given gems-


heavily heeding, I intend…
…juggernaut jeopardizing jeopardy.


Killers kissing Kennedy.


Legions loving lies,


memorializing mean mis-governing.
Now, nobody nurses notion-


obliterated over ocean-


people paying, pleading, praying,


Queens quivering, quiet query.
Renounce, re-define redemption,


sacrifice scholastic stations.


Topple true temptation,


un-easy, utter undulation.
Violate vice vigorously,


weed, withdraw xenophobia.
Youngsters your youngsters yield yearn your


zany zealot’s zeal…


zestfully, you yell,
yesterday’s x-ray will
weaken wayward wasted vain ventures uncovered today.
Seductively, serpents say
renounce redemption- remain,
restrain… refrain… retain,
questioning perfect poetry…
… of …
…Nature’s natural magic magnified mentally,
meditate, learning laws.
Learn Love- key.
Jehovah, I harbored hate,
harrowing, haunting hate,
God guided fearlessly,
eventually, disaster ceased.
Child chosen beautifully.
boy blazing blatantly.
An art… applied… apprehensively.


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